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Mindful Motivation offers many different services, including Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Custom Mindfulness Education and Professional Development. These services can be for individuals, groups, businesses and organizations.

As a wife, a mother of 4, and a nurse for 20 years, I have witnessed the struggles that life gives both myself and others. I have always been drawn to helping others, and have had a strong pull towards alleviating the suffering of others. Being able to cope with all that life sends in our direction in a healthy way proves to be very challenging for myself and many. I believe that we need to be fully present for both our joy and our struggles to have an appreciation for life and to heal. For many years I felt as though I was on a never ending quest to contentment, a way to welcome happiness and yet face stress and cope. I then found mindfulness.

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Over the past six years I have not only been introduced to mindfulness, but have embraced it. Mindfulness for me seemed like a simple concept with so many benefits so I dove in. The benefits I have seen both personally and professionally have been astounding. Paying attention to the present moment in a particular way is a life altering practice. Before mindfulness I did not have a healthy way of coping, or managing the life stressors that each one of us experience. I began with a simple sitting practice of mindful meditation. From a sitting practice I learned to incorporate mindfulness into each part of my day.

Last year I expanded my knowledge further on my mindfulness journey by becoming a yoga instructor. Incorporating breath, movement, and mindfulness, is such a beautiful practice. Yoga nourishes mind, body and soul.

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The goal of Mindful Motivation is to improve the quality of life in our community by cultivating an environment in which we focus on paying attention, allowing us to be present in each moment. Through yoga, meditation, and mindfulness education we will listen better, communicate more clearly, and ultimately understand each other, in order to interact in a positive, yet productive culture. Ultimately leading to a more kind, compassionate, and peaceful community.


Our Community embraces mindfulness and shares compassion with one another allowing us to flourish in the present moment, living each part of life fully.

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